Sunday, 11 January 2009

3 D Card

3d Card I made with my B'day gift from Silvia, these 3Ds are punch outs, so there was no cutting involved, the punch border was a border punch from Fiskars

Cards I made at craft class

These are the three cards I made at a card class at Mementos Scrapbooking Store in Yuma. Colored with pencil crayons. I love em!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Birthday Cards Received

Great Blog Candy at Bevs Crafts

Hop on over and have a look at Bev's awesome blog she is giving away candy! She makes great cards too.
Have a look

and even more Mexico

one of the many alleys of stalls with items for sale
Cold in Mexico?

More Pottery

Mexico Pottery

Friday, 2 January 2009


Old Mud house ruins

Mountains we have them here too LOL

Vegetable Field

This a view of one of the many vegetable fields around here not too sure what is being grown here, there are many different vegetables grown in this area.

Date Palm Trees

Date Palm Trees in California about 20 mins from here, we bought dates and other things and had a date shake yummy and hot dog!

Arizona Room

Arizona Room
This is the used Arizona Room that we bought, it doesn't fit exactly but is real close, it has roll down cover ups, has the piece that attaches to the trailer but it is a bit too short so think we will get one made that goes all the way around the trailer

Views from Trailer

Mexican Taxi?
Every day this old car is on the road across the water from us, we don't know if he is waiting to pick up illegal Mexicans or what he is doing there.

Sunset view from Trailer window

Happy New Year

Our Christmas Tree amd old santas
Lil, myself and Freida

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!